What can I store?
Household Furniture, Personal Items, Office/Business Documents, Tools, Cars and Boats.

What can’t I store?
Any goods that are illegal, stolen, flammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, hazardous, perishable or that are a risk to the property of any person.

Do you supply a key to the unit?
No, you supply your own padlock and hold all the keys. That way, only you are able to control who has access to your unit.

What size unit do I need?
Unfortunately our staff are able to answer this question for you, as there are many factors that only you are able to take into account. We recommend that you contact our office where our staff can provide you with the details of vacant units. You can then attend the facility to get an idea of the size of each unit, and choose the unit that most suits your needs.

How do I know when my Storage Fees are due?
Your storage fees fall due on the same date each month. For example, if you signed up on the 29th August, your Storage Fees will fall due on the 29th of each month until the agreement is terminated.

How do I pay my Storage Fees?
You may register with RE Connect to make your rental payments.  This is a free service with no fees or charges when you sign up to pay your rent by direct debit.  Our office would be more than happy to assist you with setting up this facility for you.  Please be aware with your initial setup to allow three (3) business days for direct debit payments to be cleared funds into our trust account.

What happens if my Storage Fees are late?
If your Storage Fees are not paid in advance, you will receive a friendly reminder from our Self Storage Manager.
At 7 days overdue, a Late Payment Fee may be applied to your account, in accordance with your Self-Storage Agreement, and your unit will be overlocked and your access code deactivated.
At 28 days overdue you will receive an Auction Warning Notice, a final warning before Auction proceedings commence.
At 42 days overdue, the contents of your unit will be sold at Auction.
Please Note: Our Self Storage Manager takes the timely payment of Storage Fees very seriously. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our office to discuss payment.